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A multiaxis, multilayer fibre preform for high stressed composite components has fibres aligned according to the principal stresses in not only the X and Y axes, but also the Z axis. Fibres in the X and Y directions are aligned according to stresses in these directions and built up and embroidered in layers on a carrier layer (10). In local areas of high stress reinforcing threads (8) are embroidered in the Z direction through the fibre lay down in the other two directions (X,Y) to prevent delamination of the eventual composite component. In a process for manufacturing the preform the reinforcing fibres are placed along the X and Y directions according to a prescribed pattern and embroidered onto a carrier layer (10). Reinforcing fibres are then embroidered through the X and Y layers in the Z direction.

Multilayered fibrous preform having at least part of the reinforcement extending along the z axis and process for its manufacture
Application Number
EP19970111624 19970709
Publication Number
0818289 (A2)
Application Date
July 9, 1997
Publication Date
January 14, 1998
Feltin Dirk
Rothe Horst Dr
Gliesche Konrad
Inst Polymerforschung Dresden
B29C 70/30
B29C 70/24
B29B 11/16
B29C 70/10
B29B 11/16
B29C 70/24
B29B 11/16
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