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Condensed pyridine derivatives of formula (I), and their salts and N-oxides, are new. A = 6-10C aryl (optionally mono- to penta-substituted by halo, OH, CF3, OCF3, NO2, 1-7C alkyl, acyl, hydroxyalkyl or alkoxy, or NR3R4; D = XR5or C(R6)(R7)R8; R5, R6 = 3-8C cycloalkyl, 6-10C aryl, or 5-7 membered heteroaromatic (optionally benzocondensed containing up to 3 heteroatoms from N, O, S), (optionally mono- to penta- substituted by CF3, NO2, OCF3, halo, OH, COOH, 1-6C alkyl, acyl, alkoxy or alkoxycarbonyl, or Ar, OAr or SAr), where the rings are optionally substituted by NR9R10; Ar = phenyl optionally substituted by halo, CF3 or OCF3; X = 1-8C alkylene or alkenylene optionally mono- - di-substituted by OH; R7 = H or halo; R8 = H, halo, N3, CF3, OCF3, OH, 1-5C alkoxy or NR11R12; or R7+R8 = O; R3, R4, R9-R12 = H, phenyl or 1-6C alkyl; E = 3-8C cycloalkyl, or 1-8C alkyl (optionally substituted by 3-8C cycloalkyl or OH); R1+R2 = heterocyclic ring (formed from 1-6C alkylene, interrupted by O, S, SO2 or NR13, and optionally benzocondensed and containing a double bond) which is substituted by CO, OR14 or a group of formula (a), and optionally mono- to penta- substituted by 1-6C alkoxy or alkoxycarbonyl, CF3, halo, OH, carbonyl, Ar1, and/or optionally mono- to hexa- substituted by 3-8C cycloalkyl or cycloalkoxy, 1-6C alkyl (optionally substituted by OH, CF3, phenyl or 1-5C alkoxy) and/or optionally substituted by a spiro-residue of formula (b), (c) or (d); a = 1-3; Ar1 = phenyl (optionally substituted by halo, CF3, NO2, OH, or 1-6C alkoxy or alkoxycarbonyl); R13 = H, 1-6C alkyl, 1-6C acyl, or benzyl or phenyl (both optionally mono- or di-substituted by halo, OH, NO2, CF3, 1-6C alkyl or 1-6C acyl); R14 = H, 1-6C alkyl, 1-6C hydroxyalkyl, 1-6C acyl, <= 6C alkoxycarbonyl or SiR15R16R17; R15-R17 = phenyl or 1-6C alkyl; W = O or S; Y = 2-6C alkylene; c = 1-7; d = 1-2; R18-R24 = H, CF3, phenyl, halo, 1-6C alkyl or alkoxy; or R18+R19 or R20+R21 = 1-6C alkylene or W(CH2)fW; and f = 2-8.

Heterocyclic condensed pyridines as cetp inhibitors
Application Number
EP19970110361 19970625
Publication Number
0818197 (A1)
Application Date
June 25, 1997
Publication Date
January 14, 1998
Schuhmacher Joachim Dr
Schmidt Delf Dr
Bischoff Hilmar Dr
Bremm Klaus Dieter Dr
Loegers Michael Dr
Angerbauer Rolf Dr
Brandes Arndt Dr
Schmidt Gunther Dr
Mueller Gliemann Matthias Dr
Schmeck Carsten Dr
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