An apparatus for vibrating a seat, as shown in Fig. 1, for effectively preventing a driver from dozing off during driving comprising a seat 1 fixed on a sliding mechanism 25 mounted on a floor surface 30a of an automobile 30, a direct current motor 7 placed within a seat bottom 2 of the seat 1, unbalanced weights 16 connected with a rotation axis 7a of the direct current motor 7 whereby the direct current motor 7 is actuated so as to rotate the unbalanced weights 16 and produce vibration for vibrating the seat 1.

Apparatus for vibrating seats
Application Number
EP19960306942 19960924
Publication Number
0812723 (A2)
Application Date
September 24, 1996
Publication Date
December 17, 1997
Fukuoka Masahiro
Fukuoka Kagaku
B60N 02/44
B60N 02/50
B60N 02/50
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