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In the processing of exhaust gases by a chlorine bypass system, a portion of kiln exhaust gases G is extracted from a kiln 1, after the extracted exhaust gases G are instantly cooled to 600 DEG C to 700 DEG C or less, the dust W in the cooled exhaust gases is separated to rough powder and fine powder by a separator, the separated rough powder is returned to the kiln 1 and the separated fine powder is discharged to a cement system, wherein extracting means extracts the kiln exhaust gases at the ratio more than 0% to equal to or less than 5% and the separating point of the separator is set to 5 mu m to 7 mu m.

Kiln exhaust gas processing method by chlorine bypass and apparatus therefor
Application Number
EP19960941160 19961204
Publication Number
0808809 (A1)
Application Date
December 4, 1996
Publication Date
November 26, 1997
Ueno Naoki
Murata Mitsuaki
Sutoh Kanzaburo
Chichibu Onoda Cement
C04B 07/44
C04B 07/43
C04B 07/00
C04B 07/43
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