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An object is dynamically created which contains all of the information relating to connections established during a transaction. This object also contains information and/or pointers to information which was used in a communication during the transaction. The object further contains tests for triggering events. When a triggering event occurs the connections are automatically re-established so that a further communication relating to a transaction may be accomplished with excellent efficiency and without any duplication of effort by an agent (including an electronic agent or device) to locate information which was located during the previous communication. The test is administered by a business process mediator, which invokes a business task mediator, which may invoke multiple lesser task mediators, each of which may invoke additional lesser task mediators.; Task mediators perform functions ranging from a lower level function, such as detecting a dial tone, to a higher level function, such as connecting a customer to an agent and providing all relevant customer information to the agent. The calling of a higher level task mediator automatically invokes the calling of the lesser, lower level task mediators necessary to accomplish the specified task. Thus, the various task mediators automatically reconstruct the connections necessary to accomplish the further communications. The communications may be by telephone, conventional mail, facsimile, electronic mail, intemet, wireless, satellite, cable TV, radio, or other means and may involve audio, video, text, facsimile or electronic mail documents, pictures, spreadsheets, etc.

Call center
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EP19970302951 19970430
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0806858 (A2)
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April 30, 1997
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November 12, 1997
Owen James E
Szlam Aleksander
H04M 03/50
H04M 03/50
H04M 03/22
H04M 03/51
H04M 03/22
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