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A photothermographic material has a support bearing a photosensitive layer containing an organic silver salt, a photosensitive silver halide, a reducing agent, and a ultrahigh contrast promoting agent. The support is a plastic film having a Tg of at least 90 DEG C. Better results are obtained when The support experiences a dimensional change of up to 0.04% when heated at 115 DEG C for 30 seconds. Preferably, a conductive polymer layer is provided typically as an outermost layer, and an outermost layer has a Bekk smoothness of up to 4,000 seconds, typically a back layer has a Bekk smoothness of up to 4,000 seconds. The photothermographic material has improved dimensional stability and produces ultrahigh contrast images with high Dmax.

Photothermographic material
Application Number
EP19970106921 19970425
Publication Number
0803766 (A1)
Application Date
April 25, 1997
Publication Date
October 29, 1997
Hashimoto Kiyokazu
Arai Tsutomu
Sakai Minoru
Katoh Kazunobu
Fuji Photo Film
G03C 01/498
G03C 01/498
G03C 01/498
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