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A first polysilicon layer is formed on a substrate, and vacancies are introduced into an upper portion of the first polysilicon layer, thereby forming a second polysilicon layer. Then, a third polysilicon layer is formed on the second polysilicon layer. After depositing a silicon oxide film and a polysilicon film for a gate on the third polysilicon layer, these films are made into a pattern, thereby forming a control gate electrode and a gate oxide film. Impurity ions are then implanted, thereby forming source/drain regions. Thus, a channel region including the second polysilicon layer with the vacancies introduced is disposed below the control gate electrode, and hence, the mobility of a carrier in the channel region can be improved. As a result, a device can be operated at a high speed with a low voltage.

Field effect transistor, semiconductor storage device, method of manufacturing the same and method of driving semiconductor storage device
Application Number
EP19970105778 19970408
Publication Number
0801427 (A2)
Application Date
April 8, 1997
Publication Date
October 15, 1997
Morii Tomoyuki
Matsushita Electric
H01L 29/788
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