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The elongated slits (3,4) in the body are limited by elongated limiting components (5). At least two limiting components adjacently arranged in the peripheral direction of the stent are extendingly formed over the ends of the elongated slits and form a unified detection component (6). The detection component in a peripheral direction of the stent has a greater width than each of the limiting components. Detection components are preferably provided in both ends of the stent and preferably form the two ends. The tubular body can be transferred from a compressed state with a first cross-section diameter into an expanded state with an enlarged second cross-section diameter.

Stent for transluminal implantation in a hollow organ
Application Number
EP19960113858 19960829
Publication Number
0800800 (A1)
Application Date
August 29, 1996
Publication Date
October 15, 1997
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A61F 02/82
A61F 02/06
A61B 17/00
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A61F 02/82
A61F 02/06
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