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The present invention is directed to a hardening composition characterized by comprising (A) a slag composition containing 0 to 37 wt.% of CaO, 23 to 90 wt.% of SiO2, and 0 to 40 wt.% of Al2O3 and 0.1 to 50 wt.% of one or more compounds selected from the group consisting of iron oxide, alkali components, phosphorous components, titanium dioxide, manganese oxide, and magnesium oxide, and/or 0.1 to 10 wt.% of a halogen; and (B) an alkaline activator. The invention is also directed to a hardened product obtained by mixing the hardening composition with water. The properties of the hardened product are suitable for use as various concrete materials, and therefore, refuse-incinerated ashes sewage sludge, etc. are effectively utilized and recycled as a resource.

Curable composition and cured article
Application Number
EP19960926645 19960814
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0786438 (A1)
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August 14, 1996
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July 30, 1997
Uchida Jun
Ishida Yasuyuki
Okamoto Toyoshige
Chichibu Onoda Cement
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