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A port (100) includes a body having a hollow portion (101) defining an axial bore, a flange (102) circumferentially disposed around a proximal end of the hollow portion and two spaced apart legs extending distally from the hollow portion, each leg having a distal end with a wing portion (105, 106) extending laterally therefrom. The thoracic port is inserted into the intercostal space between two ribs and turned to a locking position wherein the legs may advantageously bias the ribs to a more spaced apart configuration and the wings abut the distal surface of the ribs to prevent inadvertent withdrawal of the port.

Thoracic port
Application Number
EP19970100959 19970122
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0786234 (A1)
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January 22, 1997
Publication Date
July 30, 1997
Alli Alim S
Guy Thomas D
United States Surgical
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A61B 17/02
A61B 17/02
A61B 17/02
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