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An extended working range dataform reader (10) having a camera assembly (26) and a circuit board including gain and exposure control circuitry (56) which sets an initial gain value and exposure period from a previous data form reading session. If necessary, the gain and exposure are adjusted from their initial settings using image data from successive image fields in an open loop feedback scheme. The latency period for realizing the correct values and resultant power consumption is thereby reduced. Additionally, the readermodule (10) realized on the control circuit board (56) has an output port (53) which emulates the output of a laser scan module in order to readily integrate with and communicate with existing laser based dataform reading systems and devices.

Extended working range dataform reader with reduced power consumption
Application Number
EP19960926765 19960725
Publication Number
0782734 (A1)
Application Date
July 25, 1996
Publication Date
July 9, 1997
Ju Paul P
Wang Ynjiun P
Meta Holding
G06K 07/10
G06K 07/10
G06K 07/00
G06K 07/10
G06K 07/00
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