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The invention pertains to the field of controllable optics and can be used for manipulating a radiation wave front or for correcting phase distortions in optical equipment and in a wide range of systems including industrial laser systems, optical telescopes of different spectral ranges, and optical guidance and tracking systems. The invention in essence lies in improving the range and precision of the phase distortion correction while also increasing the maximum permissible power of the radiation used and simplifying the adaptive optical system.; This has been achieved by using in the adaptive optical module a dynamic adjusting head in which is mounted a deformable dimorphic mirror, coolable if necessary, in the form of a semi-passive dimorphic structure containing a system of multiple-layer piezo- elements, a radiation detector in the form of a hexagonal photodiode lattice and hexagonal lens lattice. All the optical elements of the module including the radiation detector can be fitted in the same housing provided with inlet and outlet optical windows. In addition, the proposed design increases the sensitivity and reliability of the adaptive optical module, and significantly increases its operational potential.

Adaptive optical module
Application Number
EP19960926678 19960617
Publication Number
0779530 (A1)
Application Date
June 17, 1996
Publication Date
June 18, 1997
Safronov Andrei Gennadievich
Yalestown Corp
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G02B 26/06
G01J 09/00
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