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A head mounted display system (10) includes focusing optics (21) to focus light from an image source (15), retro-reflector (23) and beamsplitter (22), the image source (15) and beamsplitter (22) directing light toward the retro-reflector (23) to focus a real image, and the light reflected from the retro-reflector (23) being directed via the beamsplitter (22) for viewing, thereby to use conjugate optics effectively to place the viewing eye (13) or detector in relation to the image source (15) the same as the relation of the focusing optics (21) to the image source (15). The retro-reflector (23) may be mounted on a common housing (11) or support with the beamsplitter (22) and focusing optics (21) or it may be remotely located. A method for forming an image using conjugate optics in which light from a source (15) is focused to form a real image at a retro-reflector (23) and is reflected for viewing.

Head mounted display and viewing system using a remote retro-reflector and method of displaying and viewing an image
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EP19950934956 19950607
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0777867 (A1)
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June 7, 1995
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June 11, 1997
Fergason James L
Fergason James L
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