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A code division multiple access system provides a way of allocating an increased data rate to a requesting mobile station. A mobile station requesting a data rate in excess of the basic data rate sends received pilot strength data for its base station and base stations in adjacent cells. The received pilot strength data is used to determine an increased data rate to be assigned to the requesting mobile station. One feature assigns an increased data rate when the received pilot strength data has a predetermined relationship to an established threshold. Another feature utilizes a series of threshold levels, each pair of levels associated with a different permitted data rate. Using the received pilot strength data, a data rate is determined which satisfies all adjacent cell interference concerns.; Another feature uses average adjacent cell capacity loads rather than threshold levels, together with the received pilot strength data, to determine the appropriate increased data rate to be assigned to a user requesting an increased data rate.

Method and cdma system providing load and interference based data rate assignment to a mobile station
Application Number
EP19960306968 19960925
Publication Number
0767548 (A2)
Application Date
September 25, 1996
Publication Date
April 9, 1997
Sanjiv Nanda
Chih Lin I
At &Amp
H04Q 07/38
H04B 07/26
H04W 74/00
H04W 28/16
H04L 12/56
H04B 07/26
H04J 13/02
H04W 74/00
H04W 28/22
H04L 12/56
H04B 07/26
H04J 13/04
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