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A method and system (100) establishes voice communications between a computer operator (102) and an agent (104) of a business over a computer network, such as the Internet (108). Using an operator computer (106), the computer operator (102) views advertisements of the business' products or services on the Internet (108) via customized home pages (200). When the operator (102) wishes to order a product or ask additional questions about a product, the operator (102) activates a "call me" button (210). A return call screen (300) is then presented to the operator (102) with areas to insert a name (302), a telephone number (304) and a time to call (306). This information is packetized in a call request which is transmitted over the Internet (108) to a telephone switching system (112) associated with the business.; The telephone switching system (112) subsequently dials the telephone number (304) at the time to call (306). When the operator (102) answers an operator telephone (120), the telephone switching system (112) connects the operator (102) with the agent (104) via an agent telephone (118). The telephone switching system (112) may be comprised of a telephone computer (114) and an automatic call distributor (116).

Method and system for establishing voice communications using a computer network
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EP19960106098 19960418
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0740445 (A2)
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April 18, 1996
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October 30, 1996
Quayle William R
Dezonno Anthony J
Rockwell International
H04L 29/06
H04M 03/50
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H04L 29/06
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H04M 03/42
H04L 29/06
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