0739087-A2 is referenced by 49 patents and cites 3 patents.

A hydroelectric power generation system (20) generates electrical power for an electrical utilization system (72). A controller (42) obtains a requested output electrical power level from a hydro-turbine unit (70) by using a signal indicative of water head (hmeas) to control speed of an asynchrcnous rotary converter (50) coupled to the hydro-turbine unit and to control gate position of the hydro-turbine unit. The requested output electrical power level is applied from the hydro-turbine unit via the rotary converter to the electrical utilization system. In one embodiment, the controller (42B) accesses an updatable memory wherein Hydraulic Hill Chart intormation is stored.; In another embodiment, the controller (42C) also includes a real-time automatic governor which uses a signal indicative of ac transmission frequency to the electrical utilization system to control the output electrical power level of the rotary converter.

Asynchronous conversion method and apparatus for use with variable speed turbine hydroelectric generation
Application Number
EP19960302751 19960419
Publication Number
0739087 (A2)
Application Date
April 19, 1996
Publication Date
October 23, 1996
Weeber Konrad
Larsen Einar Vaugh
Mclaren Donald Gordon
Ardley Glenn Henry
Runkle Mark Andrew
Gen Electric
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