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A method of laying out a dimple pattern on a golf ball comprises constructing a geodesically expanded icosahedron having 60 equal triangular faces (43). Each of the 60 triangular faces (43) includes a substantially identical dimple pattern. The geodesic icosahedron is formed by constructing an icosahedron which is circumscribed by a sphere which has the diameter of the golf ball. A point (39) is determined in each of the 20 icosahedral triangles (35) of the icosahedron by bisecting the three sides (36) of the icosahedral triangle (35). A geodesic focus point (41) is determined by projecting said point (39) onto the surface of the sphere.; Each geodesic focus point (41) is connected to each apex (37) of the icosahedral triangle (35) so that each geodesic focus point (41) forms a right regular tetrahedron having a base formed by the icosahedral triangle (35) and three triangular faces (43) which merge at the geodesic focus point (41).

Geodesic icosahedral golf ball dimple pattern
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EP19950101541 19950206
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0700695 (A1)
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February 6, 1995
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March 13, 1996
Thurman Robert T
Wilson Sporting Goods
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A63B 37/00
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