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In electrosurgical apparatus for tissue desiccation and cutting, an electrosurgical generator has a series-connected output inductor (L) which forms a series resonant circuit with the capacitance (CL) of the generator load, the load including an electrode unit and a cable coupled to the generator output (12A). The series resonant frequency is typically 1.5f where f is the operating frequency of the generator. A capacitor may be included, coupled between the conductors which connect bipolar electrodes (20E) to the generator to increase the load capacitance (CL). The effect of these measures is to boost the output voltage available for electrosurgical treatment, especially for tissue cutting.

Electrosurgical apparatus
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EP19950304568 19950628
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0694290 (A2)
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June 28, 1995
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January 31, 1996
Goble Colin Charles Owen
Goble Nigel Mark
Gyrus Medical
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A61B 18/12
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