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Olives and similar fruit are processed in this plant. It has, in series: cleaning, size reduction, a mill, a mixer, at least one oil extractor and/or de-watering stage for pulp (5) removed from the mixer (4). The oil extractor is a continuously working band press, pref. a sieve band press (25). This is preceded by a decanting centrifuge (31), for the partial extraction of oil and water, which is elevated above the band press, discharging pulp to its inlet. A further decanting centrifuge (41) may follow the band press, as a final oil extraction state. Following this, a dish centrifuge polishes the residual oil (43) removed by the decanting centrifuge (41). In addition to the above plant, the method of use, is also claimed.

Device and process for producing vegetable oil from olives or similar oil holding fruits
Application Number
EP19940108956 19940610
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0686353 (A1)
Application Date
June 10, 1994
Publication Date
December 13, 1995
Langenbrinck Hans Dipl Ing
Colesan Fritz Dipl Ing
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