A loose leaf binder mechanism has a bottom plate (2), a guide (3, 4) for turning punched sheets consisting of fixed rods and of rods movable by means of a spring-actuated pivot arm (5), and an actuating lever (10) whose actuating head (11) engages, via a guiding device, a bearing plate which projects upwards from the bottom plate (2). The actuating lever (10) further engages the pivot arm (5) by means of an actuating element (22). In order to control the movements of the actuating lever (10), at least two control cams (19, 20) for engaging at least one control cam (21) of the actuating head (11) are spaced apart on the bearing plate (9). An additional control cam (23) for determining when the actuating lever (10) is in its open position is provided on the bearing plate (9) or on the actuating head (11).; The additional control cam may be integrated in the front end of the actuating head (11), in the guiding device or in the actuating element (22).

Mechanism for loose leaf binders.
Application Number
EP19940904912 19940128
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0681531 (A1)
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January 28, 1994
Publication Date
November 15, 1995
Horn Hans J
Bene Carl Michael
Bene & Co Buerobedarf
B42F 13/24
B42F 13/00
B42F 13/24
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