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A process for preparing polyolefins having at least 0.01 long chain branches (LCB)/1000 carbon atoms along the polymer backbone as measured by flow activation and a molecular weight distribution greater than 2.5 comprises polymerisation in the presence of a metallocene complex having the formula: wherein Cp, Cp are independently a substituted or unsubstituted indenyl or hydrogenated indenyl group, Y is a univalent anionic ligand, M is zirconium, titanium or hafnium, and Z is a bridging group comprising an alkylene group having 1 to 20 carbon atoms or a dialkyl silyl- or germyl- group, or alkyl phophine or amine radical. Polyolefins prepared from such a process show specific flow activation energy/LCB relationships.

Polymerisation process and polyolefins obtained thereby.
Application Number
EP19950302124 19950328
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0676421 (A1)
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March 28, 1995
Publication Date
October 11, 1995
Partington Stephen Roy
Maddox Peter James
Howard Philip
Bp Chem Int
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C08F 210/16
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