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In a terminal assembly for electronic and electric equipment, the terminal member (23) is formed into the shape of letter-C by being provided with a middle piece (23a), and first and second arms (23b,23c) extending from two opposite ends of the middle piece at an acute angle and at an obtuse angle, respectively. The first and second arms are fitted into a retaining window (21) of a casing (19) to secure the terminal member onto the casing. The first arm (23b) is reduced in thickness from its middle part toward its free end or is otherwise increased of its flexibility so as to form a spring portion. A terminal screw (31) is threaded into the middle piece toward the first arm at an oblique angle. A connecting electrode (39) of a circuit board (35) received in the casing resiliently engages the spring portion (23d) of the terminal member (23).; Thus, the structure of the terminal assembly is simplified, a favorable resilient contact is ensured between the terminal member and the circuit board, the terminal assembly is made easier to use, the terminal screw can be securely threaded into the middle piece, and the size of the terminal assembly is minimized.

Electric terminal assembly.
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EP19950100208 19950109
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0671782 (A1)
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January 9, 1995
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September 13, 1995
Asami Toshiaki
Kobayashi Denzaburo
Rkc Instr
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H01R 04/28
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G01R 01/04
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