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In a method of manufacturing an ultrasonic transducer array a plurality of discrete transducer elements are formed on an initially flat flexible substrate together with electrically conductive tracks, through which the transducer elements will be energised in use, the flexible substrate with the discrete transducer elements and conductive tracks mounted thereon then being formed into a cylinder and mounted on the end of a catheter tube, the substrate being radially outwardly of the transducer elements so that it is in a position to act also as an acoustic matching layer between the material of the transducer elements and the human tissues or blood when in use.

Ultrasonic transducer array and method of manufacturing the same.
Application Number
EP19950301542 19950309
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0671221 (A2)
Application Date
March 9, 1995
Publication Date
September 13, 1995
Dickinson Robert Julian
Keilman George Woodrow
Nix Elvin Leonard
Intravascular Res
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B06B 01/06
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