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The present invention relates to surface catalyzed ion transport membranes which demonstrate superior oxygen flux. The membranes comprise a porous mixed conducting multicomponent metallic oxide layer having a first surface onto which a catalyst is deposited and a second surface which is contiguous with a dense mixed conducting multicomponent metallic oxide layer. Suitable catalysts to be deposited onto the porous mixed conducting layer include one or more metals or oxides of metals selected from Groups II, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XV and the F Block lanthanides of the Periodic Table of the Elements. The claimed membranes are capable of separating oxygen from oxygen-containing gaseous mixtures.

Ion transport membranes with porous mixed conducting layer containing a catalyst.
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EP19950100305 19950111
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0663231 (A2)
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January 11, 1995
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July 19, 1995
Dyer Paul Nigel
Carolan Michael Francis
Air Prod & Chem
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