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The mfr. uses a halogen-free organic liq. as a physical blowing agent for the foam. The organic liq. contains a positive azeotrope of min. b.pt. 15-80 deg.C at normal atmospheric pressure and comprises (a) a 5-7C cycloaliphatic hydrocarbon, and (b) a 4C aliphatic ether, a 2-5C aliphatic carboxylic acid ester, a 4C aliphatic ketone or a mixt. 1-10 pts. wt. of a nucleating agent per 100 pts. wt. of foaming ingredients are present during foaming pref. perfluoropentane. The wt. ratio of azeotrope components in the organic liq. is within +/- 20% (+/- 10%) of an ideal azeotrope compsn. The foam is pref. a rigid polyurethane, integral skin flexible polyurethane or urethane-modified polyisocyanurate foam. The azeotrope has a min. boiling temp. of pref. 15-45 (20-40) deg.C.; It comprises cyclopentane and (m)ethyl formate or methyl acetate, cyclohexane and methyl formate, cyclohexane or cyclohexene and 2-butanone, cyclopentane or cyclopentene and 2-butanone or cyclopentane and furan.

Halogen-free blowing agents that include cycloaliphatic hydrocarbons and are suitable for isocyanate-based polymeric foams.
Application Number
EP19940119248 19941206
Publication Number
0657495 (A1)
Application Date
December 6, 1994
Publication Date
June 14, 1995
Ashida Kaneyoshi
Nisshin Spinning
C08L 75/04
C08J 09/00
C08J 09/14
C09K 03/00
C08J 09/00
C09K 03/00
C08J 09/14
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