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An electrode assembly (12) for an electrosurgical instrument has an elongate tubular shaft (12S) with electrodes (12E) mounted on a distal end and, on a proximal end of the shaft, means (12M) for detachably mounting the assembly in a handpiece (10) of the instrument. Electrical conductors (20) pass through the shaft (12S) from the electrodes (12E) to contacts on the mounting means (12M) which are located so as to make a connection with a radio frequency source. The mounting means (12M) takes the form of a housing (12H) shaped for attachment to the handpiece (10) in a non-rotational relationship and, rotatably located within the housing, a sleeve (12SL) which is fixed to the shaft (12S).; The conductors (20) terminate in contact portions (20C) secured in the housing (12H) of the mounting means (12M) and are so formed as to allow the electrodes (12E), the shaft (12S), parts of the conductors (20) in the distal end portions, the shaft (12S), and the sleeve (12SL) to rotate with respect to the housing (12H) and the contact portions (20C) about the axis of the shaft (12S).

Electrosurgical apparatus for laporoscopy and similar interventions.
Application Number
EP19940307891 19941027
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0650701 (A1)
Application Date
October 27, 1994
Publication Date
May 3, 1995
Goble Colin Charles Owen
Goble Nigel Mark
Gyrus Medical
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A61B 18/14
A61B 18/12
A61B 18/14
A61B 18/12
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