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An embodiment of the present invention includes a GPS receiver capable of concurrently tracking up to eight GPS satellites. The GPS receiver comprises computer-implemented methods for parallel search, split search and precomputation. The parallel search method causes the apparent Doppler frequency spectrum to be sectioned into several segments and a first GPS satellite signal is searched for in parallel in each of the segments. When the first GPS fix is not found after a predetermined time has expired, a split search is begun.

Satellite search methods for improving time to first fix in a gps receiver.
Application Number
EP19940110580 19940707
Publication Number
0635728 (A1)
Application Date
July 7, 1994
Publication Date
January 25, 1995
Weber Lynn
Mcburney Paul W
Trimble Navigation
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G01S 01/00
G01S 05/14
G01S 01/00
G01S 05/14
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