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Method and apparatus for avoiding receive livelock and transmit starvation, and for minimizing packet loss and latency in a communication network station. The invention uses a combination of processing threads, polling and, in a preferred embodiment, a judicious use of interrupts, to allocate the use of processing resources fairly among competing functions. Real time processing threads are structured to execute for a preselected maximum time interval, based on numbers of units processed by each thread, and then to yield control to a thread scheduler, which selects and invokes a new thread for execution. Work to be done in the various threads is determined either by polling or by an interrupt system, and then posted to the threads for execution.; If interrupts are used, interrupt service routines perform only the minimal processing needed to recognize an interrupt, other interrupt servicing functions being deferred for execution in a processing thread. The thread scheduler operates on a round-robin basis and also selects from at least one general purpose processing thread for functions that are less time critical, the general purpose thread being structured to operate for a selected minimum time, if needed, in a non-preemptable mode, and thereafter in a preemptable mode.

Scheduling method and apparatus for a communication network.
Application Number
EP19940104334 19940318
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0617361 (A2)
Application Date
March 18, 1994
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September 28, 1994
Vaitzblit Lev
Ting Dennis
Ramakrishnan Kadangode K
Digital Equipment
G06F 09/46
G06F 09/46
G06F 09/48
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