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1.2. The invention relates to a machine for washing tiled surfaces, having a rotating cleaning band made of synthetic sponge, felt or another sponge-like, liquid-absorbing material, which can be brought into contact with the surface to be washed and in so doing picks up the dirt present on this surface and conveys it to a dirt-discharging device which plunges into a container containing a liquid, in particular a cleaning liquid. The cleaning band is arranged on the outer circumference (10) of a roller (2) which rolls on the surface (11) to be cleaned, and is in contact with a rotating liquid-conveying band (4) which plunges into the container (6) holding the cleaning liquid (13) and at the contact point transfers liquid onto the cleaning band (1), so that the dirt taken up by the cleaning band is flushed out and runs off into the liquid container.; A press-roller (3) downstream of this contact point (9) squeezes remaining liquid and dirt out of the cleaning band before the latter comes into contact again with the surface (11) to be cleaned during the rolling of the roller (2).

Surfaces cleaning machine.
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EP19930105263 19930330
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0615719 (A1)
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March 30, 1993
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September 21, 1994
Raimondi Ivan
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E01H 01/10
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