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The present invention relates to a catheter (11) for radio frequency ablation with a cooled electrode for use in tissue having a surface comprising an elongate member (12) having proximal and distal extremities (13,14). A metal conducting electrode (16) is secured to the distal extremity (14) of the elongate member (12) and has a chamber (17) therein. A conductor (31) extends through the elongate member (12) from the proximal (13) to the distal extremity (14) for supplying radio frequency energy to the electrode (16). The elongate member (12) has a lumen (26,27) in the distal extremity (14) which is in communication with the chamber (17). A coolant is disposed in the chamber (17) and in contact with the electrode (16) by the application of radio frequency energy thereto.

Catheter for rf ablation with cooled electrode and method.
Application Number
EP19930309550 19931130
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0608609 (A2)
Application Date
November 30, 1993
Publication Date
August 3, 1994
Pomeranz Mark L
Imran Mir A
Cardiac Pathways
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A61B 18/14
A61B 18/12
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