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A magnetooptical recording medium includes a first magnetic layer in which data is to be stored, and a second magnetic layer. The first magnetic layer is a perpendicular magnetization film at both room temperature and raised temperatures. The second magnetic layer is a perpendicular or in-plane magnetization film at room temperature and changed to an in-plane or perpendicular magnetization film at raised temperatures. A recording method includes, for example, a step of projecting a light spot on the recording medium from the side of the second magnetic layer, a step of changing only a high-temperature area within a light spot projection portion of the second magnetic layer to an in-plane or perpendicular magnetization film, and a step of detecting information stored in the first magnetic layer by detecting a reflective light from the recording medium.; The reflective light is influenced by magneto-optic effect of the perpendicular magnetization film portion.

A magnetooptical recording medium and information recording and reproducing methods using the recording medium.
Application Number
EP19930306690 19930824
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0586175 (A1)
Application Date
August 24, 1993
Publication Date
March 9, 1994
Honguu Kazuoki
Omata Hiroshi
Nishimura Naoki
G11B 11/10
G11B 11/00
G11B 11/105
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