0578442-A1 is referenced by 3 patents and cites 5 patents.

In a direct forward throw sweeper (10), improvements related to a door (18) for closing the opening (16) into the hopper (12) permit backing away from a debris receptacle with the hopper door (18) open after dumping a load of debris without damage to the machine (10). Means (62,64) are provided for connecting a vacuum pickup wand to the debris hopper (12). Associated improvements to a related air filter chamber (86) provide improved dust control while dumping the hopper (12) and convenient access (90) for servicing a dust accumulation space in the bottom of the filter chamber (86).

Improved hopper and filter chamber for direct forward throw sweeper.
Application Number
EP19930305175 19930701
Publication Number
0578442 (A1)
Application Date
July 1, 1993
Publication Date
January 12, 1994
Larocque Timothy G
Hennessey Robert D
Tennant Co
E01H 01/08
E01H 01/00
A47L 11/00
E01H 01/08
E01H 01/04
A47L 11/24
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