0573399-A1 is referenced by 9 patents and cites 2 patents.

The disclosed valve provides a seal (63) between the valve plug (49) and the valve body to substantially prevent leakage therebetween when the valve is in its closed position. The seal can be arranged for minimizing the net forces acting on the valve plug to close the valve or to keep the valve closed; thus, the net result is a smaller valve actuator. Furthermore, the seal can be arranged to withstand high temperatures.

Trim for ansi class v shut off valves.
Application Number
EP19930870089 19930528
Publication Number
0573399 (A1)
Application Date
May 28, 1993
Publication Date
December 8, 1993
Hall Randy Jerold
Buls Melvin Lawrence
Fisher Controls Int
F16K 39/04
F16K 47/08
F16K 47/00
F16K 39/00
F16K 03/00
F16K 47/08
F16K 39/04
F16K 03/24
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