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The automatic vending machine (10) comprises a plurality of removable storage and dispensing trays (46) disposed one above the other in an enclosure (16) having a rear vertical chute curving gradually in a horizontal direction under the trays and communicating with a vend opening (27) at the bottom of the machine. Each of the trays (46) is fitted with a plurality of rotatable helical storage and dispensing racks for holding the articles to be dispensed and for transporting those articles to the delivery chute as the selection button (32) corresponding to that article is pressed. A sensor is located at the back of each tray and adjacent the end of each rack for detecting when an individual article passes into the chute to provide a sensing output, the operation of the dispensing drive being continued until an article is dispensed into the chute.; Optional features include stock control bar codes (84) and a bar code reader, a credit/debit card reader, cash collector (38), receipt printer, a central processing unit and modem for inventory control and facilities visual and/or audio display of articles to be vended.

Automatic vending machine.
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EP19930303278 19930427
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0572119 (A2)
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April 27, 1993
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December 1, 1993
Muehlberger Karl H
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