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A seat belt retractor (12) having a rattle suppression mechanism to be operative when the retractor (12) is not in use including a gear mechanism driven by a seat belt supporting reel (16) and coupled to drive a pawl control mechanism (40) between a first position holding a reel locking pawl (24) in an inoperative position, when the seat belt is fully wound and immobilizing the pawl (24) against rattling, and a second position, when the seat belt is protracted, in which the pawl (24) is released for movement into a locking position with ratchet wheels (20) on the reel (16). Preferably, the pawl control mechanism (40) includes a gear mechanism (38) that assures that the belt must be wound on the reel (16) before the pawl (24) is driven to engage and is held against an inertia member (26) to prevent rattling therebetween.; The pawl (24) is also held spaced from the ratchet teeth (20a), when it is immobilized, to prevent rattling.

Seat belt retractor having rattle suppression mechanism.
Application Number
EP19920310002 19921102
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0543520 (A1)
Application Date
November 2, 1992
Publication Date
May 26, 1993
Doty Gerald Arthur
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B60R 22/34
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