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In the present invention copolymers of certain ethers and olefinic mono- acids (or salts or in some cases esters thereof) have been discovered to be effective superplasticizers for hydraulic cements. When admixed into wet cement compositions these polymeric compounds give the cement mixture higher slump and lower slumploss over time. Alternatively, the copolymers of this invention may be used in preparing a cement mixture requiring less water, to yield a hardened cement with greater compressive strength.

Copolymers of ethylenically unsaturated ethers useful as hydraulic cement superplasticizers.
Application Number
EP19920250293 19921012
Publication Number
0537870 (A1)
Application Date
October 12, 1992
Publication Date
April 21, 1993
Jardine Leslie A
Arfaei Ahmad
Grace W R & Co
C08F 220/04
C04B 24/26
C08F 220/00
C04B 24/00
C08F 220/04
C04B 24/26
C04B 24/16
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