0530647-A1 is referenced by 42 patents and cites 6 patents.

A highly effective catalyst system for the polymerisation of olefins comprises a cocatalyst, preferably an aluminoxane, and a metallocene of the formula (I) in which, preferably, M is Zr, R and R are an alkyl or halogen, R to R are alkyl, -(CRR)m-R-(CRR)n- is a single- or multi-membered chain in which R may also be a (substituted) heteroatom, and m + n is zero or 1. The catalyst system gives polymers of variable molecular weight and stereotacticity, depending on the selected substituents R to R, at industrially relevant polymerisation temperatures.

Process for the manufacture of olefinic polymers.
Application Number
EP19920114464 19920825
Publication Number
0530647 (A1)
Application Date
August 25, 1992
Publication Date
March 10, 1993
Antberg Martin Dr
Rohrmann Juergen Dr
Spaleck Walter Dr
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