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The disclosed technique and apparatus utilizes the different characteristic responses of a plurality of signals from a propagation or induction well logging device to determine the vertical and horizontal resistivity of formations surrounding a borehole. In a disclosed embodiment, a method is set forth for determining the horizontal conductivity and the vertical conductivity of formations surrounding an earth borehole, including the following steps: a) deriving first and second formation conductivity values from measurements taken in the borehole; b) selecting a horizontal conductivity model value and a vertical conductivity model value; c) computing error values from the differences between: (i) first and second composite conductivity values computed as a function of the horizontal and vertical conductivity model values, and (ii) the first and second derived formation conductivity values; d) modifying the horizontal and vertical conductivity model values; e) repeating steps (c) and (d) until predetermined criteria of the error values are met; and f) outputting modified horizontal and vertical conductivity model values.

Method and apparatus for determining horizontal conductivity and vertical conductivity of earth formations.
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EP19920402243 19920806
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0527089 (A2)
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August 6, 1992
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February 10, 1993
Rosthal Richard A
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