0525872-A1 is referenced by 10 patents and cites 3 patents.

A positioning device (59) having two transport arms (77,81) for alternately transferring plate-shaped objects from a storage position into an operational position. The transport arms are each displaceable by means of a separate manipulator (75,79), so that a quick exchange of the objects is possible. The manipulators each comprise two parallel Y-guides (83,85,97,99) which are fastened to a frame, and an X-guides (91,101) which is displaceable along the two Y-guides, while the transport arms are each displaceable along one of the X-guides. The positioning device is used in an optical lithographic device for alternately placing masks (49) on a mask support (19). A machine frame of the optical lithographic device to which the mask support is fastened is coupled to the frame of the positioning device by means of spring members.; To render an accurate positioning of the masks on the mask support possible, the optical lithographic device is provided with an optical sensor system which is coupled to an electronic control unit for controlling the positioning device.

Positioning device having two manipulators operating in parallel, and optical lithographic device provided with such a positioning device.
Application Number
EP19920202207 19920720
Publication Number
0525872 (A1)
Application Date
July 20, 1992
Publication Date
February 3, 1993
Eijk Jan Van
Maaden Johan Van Der
Markvoort Jan Albert
Vermeer Adrianus J P M
Rozenveld Johannes Albert
Meijer Hendricus J M
Asm Lithography
Koninkl Philips Electronics
H01L 21/00
G03F 07/20
B65G 47/90
H01L 21/67
H01L 21/02
G03F 07/20
B25J 09/02
H01L 21/68
H01L 21/677
H01L 21/30
H01L 21/027
G03F 07/20
B25J 09/02
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