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The invention provides a composition of matter having oxygen scavenger capabilities. The composition comprises a blend of a first polymeric component comprising a polyolefin, the first polymeric component having been grafted with an unsaturated carboxylic anhydride or an unsaturated carboxylic acid, or combinations thereof, or with an epoxide; a second polymeric component having OH, SH or NHR groups where R is H, C1-C3 alkyl, substituted C1-C3 alkyl; and a metal salt capable of catalyzing the reaction between oxygen and the second polymeric component, the polyolefin being present in an amount sufficient so that the blend is non phase-separated. In the preferred composition maleic anhydride is the grafted material, the second polymeric component is MXD6 nylon and the metal is cobalt.; A method of providing a homogeneous blend of a polyolefin with a second polymeric component having OH, SH or NHR groups is also set forth. Articles such as containers for foods and beverages utilizing such compositions and/or such method are provided.

Oxygen scavenging homogeneous modified polyolefin-oxidizable polymer-metal salt blends.
Application Number
EP19920305055 19920602
Publication Number
0519616 (A1)
Application Date
June 2, 1992
Publication Date
December 23, 1992
Ching Ta Yen
Bacskai Robert
Chevron Res & Tech
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