0518230-A1 is referenced by 300 patents and cites 9 patents.

Endoscopic surgical instruments (10) are provided that have bipolar electrodes on opposing movable members (18, 19) for passing a high frequency current through tissue for simulataneously severing or manipulating the tissue and causing hemostasis of the tissue. An electrically insulating material is interposed between the movable members so that the electrodes are spaced apart from .002 to 0.050 inches and the current passes between the opposing electrodes through the tissue.

Bi-polar electrosurgical endoscopic instruments and methods for use.
Application Number
EP19920109539 19920605
Publication Number
0518230 (A1)
Application Date
June 5, 1992
Publication Date
December 16, 1992
Eggers Philip E
Hemostatic Surgery
A61B 17/39
A61B 18/14
A61B 18/12
A61B 17/32
A61B 17/12
A61B 18/14
A61B 18/12
A61B 17/32
A61B 17/12
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