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A fixed feed dual reflector scanning antenna system (10) having a low moment of inertia is disclosed. The inventive dual reflector antenna system (10) includes an antenna feed structure (16) for emitting electromagnetic radiation (R). The antenna system (10) further includes a subreflector (12) for redirecting the emitted radiation (R). The subreflector (12) is intersected by a subreflector longitudinal axis (Ls) at a rotation point proximate a vertex (20) of the subreflector (12). A main antenna reflector (14) circumscribing a main longitudinal axis (Lm) projects radiation redirected by the subreflector (12) as an antenna beam. A mechanical arrangement (22) rotates the subreflector (12) about the rotation point so as to vary the angular orientation between the subreflector longitudinal axis (Ls) and the main longitudinal axis (Lm).; In this manner the antenna beam is scanned relative to the main longitudinal axis (Lm).

Dual reflector scanning antenna system.
Application Number
EP19920108574 19920521
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0514886 (A1)
Application Date
May 21, 1992
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November 25, 1992
Seaton Arthur F
Hughes Aircraft Co
H01Q 03/20
H01Q 19/10
H01Q 03/00
H01Q 19/19
H01Q 03/20
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