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With this device, it is possible to open the car door of an elevator car located in the region of a particular floor, together with a coupled shaft door, normally by automatic drive or, in a power cut, by hand. If the elevator car is located outside a particular floor, the car door remains locked. A control cam (15) arranged at the upper end of a door leaf of the car door is connected in an articulated manner to the door-driving device via a band-shaped drive means. The control cam (15) brings about a low-jolt opening and closing of the car door on the closing side and of a driving parallelogram (18) necessary for coupling the shaft door to the car door and connected to the control cam (15) by means of a pull rod (36).; Also arranged at the upper end of the same door leaf independently of the door-driving device is a locking mechanism having a pivotably mounted car-door bolt (46) and an electrical safety contact. The car-door bolt (46) possesses for release an actuating roller (49) which is actuated by a double lever (39), connected in an articulated manner to the driving parallelogram (18) and to the control cam (15), when the car stands in the door-opening region of a particular floor.

Door driving device with locking mechanism for elevators.
Application Number
EP19920105573 19920401
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0513509 (A1)
Application Date
April 1, 1992
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November 19, 1992
Weingartner Franz
Husmann Josef
B66B 13/12
E05F 15/10
B66B 13/02
E05F 15/10
B66B 13/12
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