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Catalyst system and process for its manufacture. The catalyst system consists of a support on which the catalytically active product is deposited. The support has mechanical or physical properties which are advantageous for the operating conditions required, but a mediocre specific surface. The catalytically active product, a metal carbide, is obtained by coating the support in a suspension of a reducible compound of the metal in a solution of an organic compound, carbonisation of this compound, reduction of the metal compound and carbiding of the metal.; The carbide thus obtained has a high specific surface, the support preferably consists of silicon carbide prepared by carbonisation of a paste containing silicon, carbon and an organic resin. The invention applies to any form of catalyst, but in particular to the monolithic catalysts intended for the treatment of exhaust gases.

Catalytic system for combusting exhaust gases and process for the fabrication of same.
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EP19920420139 19920427
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0511919 (A1)
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April 27, 1992
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November 4, 1992
Dubots Dominique
Pechiney Electrometallurgie
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