0504938-A2 is referenced by 63 patents and cites 2 patents.

Use of a compound represented by the following general formula (I): wherein R represents a straight or branched acyl group having 2 to 10 carbon atoms, a branched cyclic or bridged cyclic alkyloxycarbonyl group having 4 to 15 carbon atoms, a substituted or unsubstituted benzyloxycarbonyl group, a 2,2,2-trichloroethyloxycarbonyl group, a 2-(trimethylsilyl)-ethyloxycarbonyl group, a p-toluenesulfonyl group, an o-nitrophenylsulfenyl group, a diphenylphosphonothioyl group, a triphenylmethyl group, a 2-benzoyl-1-methylvinyl group or a 4-phenylbutanoyl group; R represents a hydrogen atom or forms a phthaloyl group together with R; R represents an isobutyl group, an n-butyl group or an isopropyl group; R represents an n-butyl group or an isobutyl group; X represents a direct bond, a methionine residue, a leucine residue or a norleucine residue; and H at the C-terminal means that the carboxyl group is reduced in the form of the aldehyde; as an active ingredient for the preparation of a pharmaceutical composition useful in preventing or treating malignant hypercalcemia, bone Paget's disease or osteoporosis.

Prophylactic and therapeutic agent for bone diseases comprising di- or tripeptide derivative as active ingredient.
Application Number
EP19920104920 19920320
Publication Number
0504938 (A2)
Application Date
March 20, 1992
Publication Date
September 23, 1992
Hashimoto Masaki
Saitoh Masayuki
Higuchi Naoki
Hayashi Yasuhiro
Kiso Yoshinobu
C07K 05/08
A61K 37/02
C07K 05/00
A61K 38/04
C07K 05/06
A61K 38/04
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