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Sustained release compositions comprising cores including a pharmacologically active ingredient and having a diameter not greater than 5 mm, which cores are coated with a mixture comprising a) as a film forming agent at least one poly (ethyl acrylate, methyl methacrylate, trimethylammonioethyl methacrylate chloride) and b) at least one anionic surfactant wherein the ratio of a) to b) is from 100:1 to 10:1 by weight. Examples of suitable active ingredients are idazoxan, mebeverine, paracetamol and betahistine, and the preferred film forming agents are Eudragit RS and Eudragit RL.

Sustained release compositions.
Application Number
EP19920301558 19920225
Publication Number
0502642 (A1)
Application Date
February 25, 1992
Publication Date
September 9, 1992
Hansraj Bashir Ramzanali
Reckitt & Colmann Prod
A61K 09/50
A61K 09/52
A61K 09/50
A61K 09/58
A61K 09/50
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