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An electrosurgical instrument for use in combination with an endoscope for cutting tissue and cauterizing/coagulating the resulting wound area is described. The instrument comprises an elongated flexible tubular member having a proximal end, a distal end, and plural lumens extending therebetween. Affixed to the distal end of the tube is a bullet-shaped ceramic tip member 22 having a centrally-disposed longitudinal bore 26 passing through the side wall of the tip member. The ceramic exterior surface of the tip member is covered with a conductive layer 28 forming a first inactive electrode. An electrical conductor 44 joined to that electrode surface feeds back through a lumen of the tube to its proximal end where it may be coupled to an electrosurgical generator.; Also running through a lumen in the tube is another conductor 32, 42 which can be made to project outwardly through the opening in the tip member. A hub 36 having a spring-loaded plunger is affixed to the proximal end of the tube with the plunger joined to the wire 32 so that when the plunger is depressed, the distal end 42 of the wire will project a short distance beyond the extremity of the tip member. By coupling this second conductor to an electrosurgical generator, it becomes the active electrode of a bipolar pair.

Electrosurgical instrument having needle cutting electrode and spot-coagulation electrode.
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EP19910301755 19910304
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0502268 (A1)
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March 4, 1991
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September 9, 1992
Rydell Mark A
Everest Medical
A61B 17/39
A61B 18/14
A61B 18/14
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