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The present invention relates to the etching of a gate film, a tungsten film, a silicon film, etc. In the present invention, use is made of an etching gas comprising a mixture composed of a reductive fluoride gas, a hydrocarbon gas and a halogen gas having a larger atomic diameter than a material to be etched, or a mixture composed of a reductive fluoride gas and a Cl-containing hydrocarbon gas, and the process comprises the step of conducting anisotropic etching of a material to be etched with an etching gas (a reductive fluoride gas), the step of forming a protective film by a depositing gas (a hydrocarbon bas), and the step of removing excess deposits formed as the protective film by means of a gas reactive with the protective film (a halogen gas or a Cl-containing hydrocarbon gas),; wherein anisotropic etching is conducted by forming a protective film on a side wall while removing excess deposits formed as the protective film, thus enabling the anisotropic etching to be conducted with good accuracy.

Process for anisotropic etching of thin films.
Application Number
EP19910300793 19910131
Publication Number
0497023 (A1)
Application Date
January 31, 1991
Publication Date
August 5, 1992
Yamamoto Noriaki
Nishiumi Masaharu
Takata Kazuo
Kawahara Hironobu
Fujii Takashi
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