0493704-A1 is referenced by 40 patents and cites 5 patents.

A motor, in particular an electric motor, possesses a motor housing (2) in which a motor-filling medium (6) surrounding the motor (11) is situated, and a pressure housing (1) which surrounds the motor housing (2) and in which a housing-filling medium (5) is situated. To be able to carry away adequately the lost heat produced, a heat exchanger (3), through which a cooling medium flows, is arranged on the inner wall (1) of the pressure housing. The heat exchanger preferably consists of a cooling channel (3) which runs spirally over the length of the pressure housing (1). The motor-filling medium (6) preferably serves as a cooling medium for the heat exchanger (3).

Electric motor.
Application Number
EP19910120978 19911206
Publication Number
0493704 (A1)
Application Date
December 6, 1991
Publication Date
July 8, 1992
Herrmann Anton Dipl Ing
H02K 09/19
H02K 05/132
H02K 09/19
H02K 05/12
H02K 09/19
H02K 05/132
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