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A process is described for separating heavy metals, in particular mercury and cadmium, and also dioxins and furans from incineration waste gases, in particular from waste gases from refuse incineration plants (1), in which process the incineration waste gases are freed from dust and cooled, in which process the waste gases are then fed as fluidising gas to a fluidised bed reactor (15) in which the waste gases, at a velocity of 2 to 8 m/sec, a temperature of 80 to 200 DEG C and a residence time of 1 to 10 sec, react with an adsorbent, in which process the waste gases and the adsorbent are then separated from each other and in which process the adsorbent is partly returned to the fluidised bed reactor and a part stream is discharged, while the purified waste gas is released into the atmosphere.

Process for separating heavy metals and dioxines from combustion waste gases.
Application Number
EP19910202263 19910905
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0479350 (A1)
Application Date
September 5, 1991
Publication Date
April 8, 1992
Omar Mohamed Hefni Dr
Rebitzer Axel
Vicinus Juergen
Jury Egon
Knoche Ronald Dr
B01D 53/34
B01D 53/74
B01D 53/70
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B01D 53/75
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